Dubai Shopping Festival – Call your friends over

The Dubai Shopping Festival will begin from January 3, 2013 and end on February 3, 2013. This is an excellent time to call family and friends over. The weather is excellent and the activities and shopping deals are marvellous. Airlines in India are offering special prices for India-Dubai bundled with hotel packages. Jet Airways has …


Thumbs up Dubai Taxi Drivers

Congratulations to all Taxi Drivers in Dubai for earning Dubai the third place in the global survey of travelers conducted by the site Trip Advisor. Dubai closely followed Singapore and Tokyo to earn the distinction of the Best Taxi Service. Dubai has over 8000 taxis run by 5 companies franchised by the Roads & Transport …

Photograph clicked by Ramesh Shukla after the signing of the Union Agreement at the Union House in 1971

The man that gave us the UAE National Day Logo: Ramesh Shukla

Seventy-five year old Indian, Ramesh Shukla has been credited for his photograph out of which the iconic logo for the UAE National Day has been crafted. Shukla, who was the royal photographer in his prime, captured this rare photograph of the Rulers of the Emirates which today is used as the iconic image to symbolise …

rental scam

Property scams on the rise

Wasim Shaikh has recently appeared in newspapers as the victim of a new property scam that has hit the market. Shaikh is an Indian sales manager at Vierra Property who was duped by his tenant after the man illegally sublet his flat and made payments from the annual rental cheques from the third party.  The …


The clouds they are a splitting

Forecasters said the current rainy spell seems to have ended with Monday’s rain. “The chance of rain will steeply decrease though the conditions will continue to be partly cloudy in the next couple of days,” said a forecaster. Temperatures are likely to be in the range of 23 to 16 degrees Celsius across the country.

Desis turn out in large numbers at the Pink Walkathon

Th Annual Bur Juman Pink walkathon took place yesterday at Zabeel Park. More than 13.000 people took part in the 2 km long walk to conclude month-long activities directed at raising awareness for breast cancer. Our guess is that almost 3000 Indians took part in this walk.

Eid Mubarak

Fog engulfs Dubai

We’ve all caught a glimpse of this morning’s thick fog. The result was closure of the airport runways which affected 50 flights and choc-a-block traffic all around the city.

Flu is in the air

Good Morning Dubai! Please make sure to take precautions as the weather shifts to lower temperatures. Everyone is encouraged to get a shot of the new flu vaccine, especially high risk groups of people over 50, in the age group of 6-18 and all residents suffering from chronic diseases.

Kuch Nahi is something now

Whenever you ask people visiting your home, “kya loge?” (What will you have?) The usual reply has always been “Kuchh Nahi” (Nothing) Finally, we have found “Kuchh Nahi” so feel free to serve your friends whenever they say “Kuchh Nahi Lenge!” 😀