GCSE to IB Maths tutor



TEL: 052 768 95 65 / 050 90 2

Mr. Vikram has specialized in IB Maths and has been tutoring Dubai students for last the 10 years. The students who take the GCSE curriculum (Edexcel / AQA) need to put in atleast 2 months of intensive maths tutoring to cover 28 topics that are required for smooth transition to IB Maths. The Maths topics are taught with a view to enhance the concepts and help the students to identify,apply and then solve the IB level questions. The Bridge program is divided into 3 levels. The Level 1 involves extension topics from GCSE / Additional Maths. Level 2 includes new topics that require good understanding of Level 1 topics. The Level 2 topics introduce the IB Maths foundation content that targets the "Method" "M1" usually ignored by most of the students. Level 3 topics contain mixed concepts. This techniques helps students to answer questions that have more than one chapter content. For example: Trigonometry with Calculus etc For enrolling into GCSE to IB Maths Bridge Course, contact 052 768 95 65 / 050 90 21 727 Email:

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