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Why not prepare for summer with this practical checklist

Get your air-conditioning maintained
Many Dubai expats will concur that an air-conditioning unit is one of the most important appliances that any home should have. However, many air-conditioning units break down in the middle of summer – and nobody wants that. Why not get your unit checked for any defects and get it fixed. It might be an extra cost, but will sure ensure a hassle-free summer.

Bring a source of hydration with you
If you commute to work on a daily basis, you know summer can be a drag. Some of us will have to walk a brief distance before we reach our offices. During summer, that short walk can become a tiring experience that will ruin your style. In order to keep fresh, have a water bottle with you when you go. Having your own water bottle also lets you save up on a dirham that you could have spent on a bottle of water.

Get your car checked
Do you drive to work? Take your car for a routine health check before summer begins. Focus especially on the tyres and air conditioning. Tyres wear faster under high temperature, especially when driving at high speeds. Top up the coolant.

Bring spare clothing
Many a times during summer, your clothes might end up as a smelly and sweaty mess. It’s not a welcome sight to behold when you step in anywhere. Be sure to bring a spare shirt with you so you can look fresh and presentable in case you have any important appointments.



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