16 months old Indian baby falls off the window


In a shocking incident in Sharjah, a 16 months old toddler fell of an open window from their fifth floor apartment. The incident happened so quickly that both parents present in the apartment at the time could do nothing to prevent the accident. As the mother was cooking in the kitchen the father went to the bathroom and child climbed the chair to the dining table and slipped over the open window.

While parents cannot be utterly vigil, it does behove all of us to survey our house to see lurking dangers. It is a good idea to inspect the house for safety gaps from the eyes of a child who comes only up to your knees.

Perhaps we are so immune to our settings that we may want to invite friends to do a thorough survey of the house to spot safety gaps so that we can be assured that no calamity ever befalls the family.

In this case, there will be investigations and inquiries, and a general cautionary alert will be put out, but the loss can never be recovered. It is in our own interest that we make our homes child-proof.

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