35 Abu Dhabi Police services on app

sadasdasdasdaAbu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Police started offering 35 of its services on its smart application from Wednesday, including renewing driving licence and paying traffic fines.

Besides these 35 police services, seven innovative services and three employee services are also being offered on the police’s website and smart application.

Some of the major services offered include issuing driving licence, vehicle registration permit, paying traffic fines, replacing lost or damaged permits, changing driving road test dates, checking the number of black points on a driver’s licence and traffic fines.

Other services include reporting traffic congestion and accidents, paying for parking services, requesting for assistance, reporting missing car keys, enquiring about speed limits and registering for ‘We Are All Police’ initiative.

Another extra service includes reporting about a car parked behind another vehicle and blocking the way. Previously, motorists had to call 999 for assistance, but now they can use the application and type the vehicle plate number blocking the way. A message will then be delivered anonymously to the motorist blocking the other vehicle to move his car out of the way.





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