Shudd Desi Romance – the nervous groom and more 4 out of 5

Shudd Desi Romance – Movie Review

Shudd Desi Romance is a quirky love story that perhaps reflect the new generation. The story revolves around a jat-puttar in Jaipur and his marriage plans. The movie attempts to explore the new age rules for love and commitment. The plot is simple, the situations repeated and dialogues a little too glib, but the movie holds your attention due to the fresh take on love and relationships.

Rishi Kapoor outshines himself as the wedding caterer-decorator-fake baraatis supplier and Parineeti Chopra joins the genre of perky stars like Preity and Anoushka. Sushant Singh Rajput holds his ground as the nervous groom with a few ‘adas’ befitting a modern majnu. Vani Kapoor the other lady in the movie performs her part as well.

The movie is good entertainment and one need not worry too much about the one-liners that are so flippantly and abundantly thrown around.

Good to Watch.

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