5 businesses you can start in Dubai for Dh999 or less

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While everyone is busy looking for jobs around Dubai, there is actually an untapped reservoir for setting yourself up as an entrepreneur in the city. What we’re trying to say here is that why compete in the rat race when for only a couple of hundred dirhams you can set yourself up with some freelance work? Here’s a look at five careers you can start in Dubai for Dh999, even less than.


Got a camera that isn’t your smartphone? You can use that to your advantage by setting yourself up as a freelancer. Start with friends to build up your portfolio if you don’t have one already. You can take photos of pre-nuptials, birthdays, even corporate gatherings if your credo is already big.


You can teach almost anything and everything. This doesn’t even involve any money! Just your knowledge and expertise are required. It can be teaching certain subjects to students, or even lessons on musical instruments. Are you an expert in your selected field? You can leverage that by becoming a business coach. There are websites such as Fiverr which host platforms for budding teachers to be seen and heard especially in Dubai.

Social media influencer

It was quite a buzzword in its early stages but being an influencer is a serious job nowadays with many social media savvy personalities earning a lot from sponsoring and promoting products. All you need for this job is a large following, and an idea of how to promote a product or service and make it look good. The cost you ask? On an average it only costs Dh200 ($50) to purchase a domain and setup a website.


Have you ever wondered how could personalities such as PewDiePie earn millions of dollars for being in front of a camera? Simple, via advertising that shows up on the Youtube videos. Remember all those videos of product reviews most people would watch before buying something? That’s just one of the many ways vloggers make money – lots of it.

Graphic designer/Web developer

If you can make excellent designs for clients then this career is for you. It’s also a great bonus if you can know coding because a lot of SMEs are just waiting to be put on the huge map that is the Internet. In Dubai this translates to being a master of social media. The good thing about this is that you get to choose who to work for, have your own timings, and live comfortably while you’re at it.

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