5 things to do if you hate your Dubai job

It is quite common to come across expats in Dubai who hate their jobs. You might have relocated to a new country or joined a new job but are no longer finding the profile promising.

Like it or not, job satisfaction should be your priority as a major part of your life is occupied by work. And more so, if you have moved to Dubai with a job change. While you might not like our job always, it is important to address what is irking you about work lately.

Quitting the job might seem like the easiest option at times but all you need to do it reassess the situation and think of answers.

1. Re-evaluate your misery

Instead of skirting those negative thoughts you feel at the beginning of every week, take a moment to re-evaluate your situation. Did you always hate the job or are there any changes you don’t like the job anymore? It can be a colleague or the tasks assigned to you that might be giving you the feeling. Try to weigh in the pros and cons and try to understand if you can do something to improve the situation.

2. Don’t quit impulsively

There would be days when quitting the job will be the only thing on your mind, but don’t quit on an impulse. Unless you have another job in hand that compensates you fairly, do not consider putting your papers. Also, take time to research on what your next profile should be so that you don’t get stuck in the same rut again.

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3. Look at the positives

Try remembering the first time you got the job offer and what did you feel at that moment. What were the things about the profile that excited you – opportunities, moving to a new country, working with a brand, pay package etc. Now think if there is any aspect of the job that is letting you learn new things or still challenging you. Focus on these things till you decide on the next course of action. Importantly, instead of changing your job, consider finding opportunities in the organization where you can explore – it can be working on a new profile, changing your team or working with a new boss.

4. Having the tough talk

Instead of limiting the brooding feeling to yourself, it will be healthy to discuss the problem with your superior and explore options available. Filter the list of issues you have with your profile rather than presenting the problem and coming across as a ‘whiner’. When you are having a talk with your boss, suggest solutions that might help you change your position and then solicit advice on how they can help.

5. Keep performing

Yeah, performance is probably the last thing on your mind at this point but achieving small milestones each day will keep you going. Being professional will only help you as you will get recommended by your boss and colleagues for your next job. And after all, what is the point in burning bridges if you are planning to make the move?

If you can’t find any positives after this exercise, maybe it is time for a job change. Log on to Buzzon for relevant job listings in the region.

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