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6 reasons you should visit Dubai’s Sikka art fair

Taking place until March 21, SIKKA is a primary fixture during Dubai’s art season. It brings together residents and locals of all ages for a much needed dose of the local art scene.

Having recently visited the exhibition, we highly recommend it to art lovers in the UAE. Here are our five reasons why we think you should visit SIKKA. And if you do visit, remember that it ends this Tuesday so you better clear out your busy schedule and check it out!

It’s a visual treat
The first thing you’ll see when you head over to Sikka is the lavish lighting arrangement above – having changed the pattern from last year. Now they have a line of blue and purple light trails along the main thoroughfares.

Free to go!
The only amount you’ll be spending when you visit SIKKA is your own transport. Entrance to the exhibition is free for all and it runs from 5PM until 11PM until the 21st of March. For those that are booking a Careem to get there, you can use the promo code SIKKA17 to get 15% off your rides any day of the event!

Art, art everywhere!
Everywhere you look at Sikka, there is an art installation on display. There are exhibitions both inside and outside the galleries and, with some very interesting displays outside.

It’s supporting a noble goal
This year’s SIKKA is supporting the UAE’s goal to be a ‘happy city’. There are exhibitions depicting happiness and what makes one happy. Anyone is free to write their reasons on the writing materials provided in the exhibition. It’s more than just looking at art – it’s being immersed in it.

The food is amazing
Taking place in Bastakiya, there are a couple of attractive (not to mention quirky looking) cafes and restaurants. There is the Arabian Tea House – with their signature ‘blooming flower’ teas, There is a Coffee Museum for those who want to enjoy a brew or learn more about coffee. other cafés also serve up local delicacies such as kunafa and camel burgers. Prepare for a Middle Eastern gastronomic experience.

It’s a short distance from the biggest ‘art gallery’ in town
Which is the biggest one you ask? Why, it’s Old Dubai! The unadulterated beauty of Old Dubai is a refreshing sight to see after you want a break from “new Dubai’s” Downtown or the Marina.

SIKKA is a stone’s throw from the Dubai Museum. You can also cross the Dubai Creek for just Dh1 and continue your adventures into the city’s rustic side streets.

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