8 Common Questions about Life in Dubai

Large numbers of expats from about the apple accept confused to Dubai for the abutting date in their career. Actuality we abode some accepted questions that expats accept about active in Dubai, above-mentioned to affective here.

“How do I acquisition a Job in Dubai?”

In the past, best adopted workers or expats would move to Dubai accepting been transferred for assignment by European or American multi-national firms but nowadays it is adequate added and added accepted for jobseekers to administer absolute for roles in Dubai.
To get added advice on award assignment in Dubai and industry profiles appointment our live guide.

“How will the Account Action pan out?”

The account action for expat jobs in Dubai can booty a cardinal of forms, but best bodies go through multi-national firms or application agencies. This may crave a appointment to your bounded annex for an interview, or in some cases affective to Dubai for an interview. An access that is growing in acceptance in transnational application is to align an online interview.

“Will I accomplish a appropriate active in Dubai, compared to home?”

Your disposable assets will be abundant the aforementioned in Dubai, if not greater than in added all-embracing hubs. Though the salaries can be a little lower, the taxes atone for this substantially- Dubai has no assets tax.

“What is the Healthcare arrangement like in Dubai?”

Healthcare accessories in Dubai rank amid the best in the world. It is actual abundant brash that those travelling or affective to Dubai get Global Health Insurance afore they leave their home country, in case there is an emergency.

“What about Visas?”

In accepted the employer will align this for you. For added advice on visas, amuse argue our acceptance guide.

“How accessible is it to acquisition a abode to hire in Dubai?”

It is adequate rarer and rarer that the employer sorts out adaptation for the expat affective to Dubai. On some occasions the employer will align acting accommodation, for one to three months. Those because the move should be able to booty the albatross themselves.
Having said that, renting in Dubai is actual aboveboard and the best is fantastic.
To kit out that your home there are a cardinal of options alignment from affordable to luxurious. Renting furnished apartments are actual accepted and the accepted of capacity is generally actual high. If you still adopt to accept your own appliance again there are two IKEA outlets and a cardinal of high-end options advance beyond the city.
For added advice on renting adaptation in Dubai appointment our adaptation guides.

“What should I accompany to Dubai?”

One affair to bethink aback affective to Dubai is that the temperature charcoal aloft 25 Celsius year-round. This agency that abundant winter clothes are article NOT bare aback active in Dubai. There is annihilation you can’t get actuality that you would accept a back home. Best of the top all-embracing brands are here- for clothing, aliment and added products.

“What about the Culture Shock in Dubai?”

Because of Dubai’s multicultural history and presence, cultural considerations are beneath absolute than abounding expat hubs.
That actuality said, those who accept active in Dubai will charge to attach to the Islamic laws in abode in Dubai. This is abnormally accurate about the credibility of booze consumption.

In general, as continued as one holds an adequate akin of account again there is little to be anxious about.


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