8 things to stop wasting your money on in 2017

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1. Bottled Water

A batch of bottled water
This might be the year for you to invest in a filter that attaches itself to the tap. Your tap water will be clean enough for you to drink from it. You can full up bottles at home and take them out with you wherever you go. If you’re lucky enough to work at an office with a watercooler, then that saves you lots of money as well.
2. Bank fees

You need to take your time shopping around for the perfect cards and track down offers. Make sure you get as many freebies as possible. Choose a credit card without any yearly fees. Make sure the interest is low too! Also pay your bills on time! You don’t want to be charged any late fees. Consider setting up an automated payment online so everything is always paid off at once.
3. Wasted food

The UAE wasted $3.7 billion worth of food in 2015. Imagine how much money you lose every year wasting the food you buy from the super market. There are ways for you to avoid wasting food. Make sure you plan properly before heading to the super market. If you stick to a list, you won’t buy things you don’t need. Secondly, you have to be realistic with yourself. Will you eat these vegetables? Or is it wishful thinking? Lastly make sure you stock your fridge in a way that everything is visible, so you don’t forget you bought it.

4. TV you don’t watch

Ask yourself when you actually do have time to watch TV? Most of us pay an average of Dh250 a month to our cable provider and we often don’t take full advantage of the service. Instead, get yourself a Netflix or Starzplay account, which will cost you Dh30 a month instead! That’s over Dh200 worth of savings. Connect your lap top to your TV if you prefer a big screen.

5. Buying lunch every day

Eating out can add up quickly. Try and prepare food at home as much as possible. Packing your own lunch is also a better way to stay healthy. If you want to really hit some financial targets this year, then pack your lunch as much as you can.

6. Pre-sliced food

Sometimes you pay for the convenience. But these all add up. Cheeses, veggies and cured meats are much cheaper if you buy them and slice on your own. Might take more time, but the savings will be evident.

7. Brand-name products

If you’re in a grocery store, try going for their generic and local brands, which cost less than imported items. It’s an is an easy way to save money over time, since store brands cost around 30 per cent less than international brands. Of course, you don’t have to buy everything in store brands, just decide on what you are willing to sacrifice.

8. Subscriptions

Subscriptions can add up. If you don’t actually read that gossip magazine every month, consider cancelling the subscription. If you decided to start a website one day, remember to close it down, rather than paying the yearly fee. Your most important subscriptions should be 1. Newspapers, everyone should know what is going on in the world. 2. Gym, everyone needs to exercise. Everything else isn’t a necessity.



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