80-year-old Indian grandma in UAE knits her way into world records

Indian expatriate Sitabai Bhagwandas Vagh, a longtime UAE resident, will turn 80 in July. She is a grandma of five and great grandma of two children. She has artificial knee caps, can only see with her right eye and has undergone surgeries to remove a tumour from her intestine and cataract.

However, the age and the physical challenges did not discourage Sitabai, who has spent most of her life in the GCC countries, from knitting her way into the Guinness World Records.

On May 21, she became one of the oldest participants among 700 Indian women across the world who set a new Guinness World Record in Chennai by making the longest crocheted scarf measuring 14.09km. Once she receives her participation certificate from Guinness, she would probably be the oldest Guinness World Record holder living in the UAE too.

However, this could not be verified because Guinness officials in Dubai said they document the age of the participants only when the attempt is to become the oldest person to break a record.

Sitabai could achieve the feat after she became a member of the Dubai branch of the Facebook group Mother India’s Crochet Queens (MICQ) which set its second world record in two years. In January last year, they broke the record for the largest crochet blanket measuring 111,48 square metres, easily covering the football pitch in Chennai on which it was laid.



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