A comedy that will thrill you

jackpotJackpot is a Hindi comedy thriller directed by Kaizad Gustad starring Sunny Leone, Naseeruddin Shah and Sachiin Joshi.

Neither Kaizad Gustad’s ‘Jackpot’ nor Sunny Leone’s exposure has anything in it whatsoever that can remotely be considered striking or new. The former pornstar, it seems, can do everything under the sun other than acting.

For instance, her steamy scene with Sachin Joshi does set temperatures soaring, but as soon as she is required to act – all you get is zilch! As far as the storyline is concerned, it is just like serving old wine in new bottle.

In fact, you will most likely find the story to be full of loopholes to make it a bit confusing. While you get your money’s worth if you go to watch veteran actorNaseeruddin Shah’s performance, you still feel like his potential has not been optimally used. Two things save the movie – firstly, the music. Music directors Toshi and Sharib have done a good job on the soundtrack of the film. And secondly, the surprise cameo of Leone’s husband Daniel Weber.

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The movie features the popular “Badal Barse” number

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