A Desi in Dubai shortlisted for Mars mission

Rikita SinghRikita Singh, 29, of Dubai made it to the final 100 from a list of 200,000 applicants for the next round of Mars One, that plans to take humans to the Red Planet. She will now compete to make it to the last 24.

“It was an amazing feeling,” said Ms Singh, 29.

“I was so nervous as the time approached. I couldn’t sleep the night before because I knew we would get the results at 8am so I was waiting all night.”

In the first round, applicants had to film a one-minute video explaining why they wanted to travel to Mars.

From these, 1,000 were chosen to undergo a medical test, after which 705 remained.

Another 45 pulled out, leaving 660 candidates who took part in a 15-minute interview.

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