Abu Dhabi: SDPI leader Ilyas Thumbay calls for unity of Indian secular forces

asha_2117_isf1Abu Dhabi : Abu Dhabi Cultural Society, an NRI outfit of a social organization arranged a reception for SDPI National general secretary, Ilyas Mohammad Thumbay on Friday December 30 at Ruchi Restaurant party hall.

The programme was presided over by Sharif Mohammad Survey, from Abu Dhabi Cultural Society. Rashid Bejai delivered the welcome address. Sharif Mohammad Survey delivered the presidential address and explained the service rendered by the organization and gave a brief introduction of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI). Ilyas Thumbay in his keynote address said Muslims are under siege in India, not only from parties in the country but also from outside forces. He presented a detailed account on the current ongoing social and political situation in India.

He added that Indian expatriates should be aware of the situation back home and have their say in the political process.

The party has also taken initiatives to build confidence among the minorities, especially Muslims and other weaker sections including Dalits in the wake of the growing incidents of intolerance and discrimination,” he said.

He said SDPI party is not formed for political thrust or self-intended interests.Rather, it is formed for the empowerment of all marginalized sections of society by mobilizing themselves into a political force, instead of remaining as mere vote banks of different political parties in elections. It has demanded a balanced representation of all social groups in legislatures and all administrative bodies nominated by the government, in proportion to their population.




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