All Emirates flights to Mumbai are delayed today

emiratesmumbaiI am at the airport with my 2 year old daughter waiting to go to Mumbai on Emirates EK502. My flight was supposed to take off at 1.20 pm, and I received a call on the way to the airport that the flight will be delayed by 1 hour. I have checked in at 12.00pm, and till now I am sitting at the Terminal 4 to go to Mumbai. The airline has failed all its customers. There is no announcement unless we pursue. First they said 3.30pm, and now they are saying 6.30pm.

I just checked on their website and all their flights today have been delayed. The one to depart at 4am, left only at 2:30pm. I wonder how all those passengers coped with such a long delay at the airport. The airline is not providing any answers or any refreshments and when some of us got together, we were rudely spoken to by the gate staff. They say that the air crafts have not come and hence they cannot fly till they come. It is hard to believe that Emirates whose hub is in Dubai is talking like this. Does it not have spare air crafts?

Next time I have to fly, Emirates is not on my list. Even after paying a premium compared to other airlines if this is how they treat their customers, I am not interested. I can understand operations problems, but the airline must take care of its customers once they have checked them in !!

(Dubai Desi adds: The flight took off at 6:30 according to the Emirates website)

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