Amnesty availer returns to be deported with life-ban

A live report on India’s NTV channel reveals that an accountant who had availed the amnesty for illegal residents to leave the country returned to the country exactly after a month on a visit visa. He was detained at the Sharjah airport and deported the same day with a life ban.

This piece of news can cause a lot of doubts in the mind amnesty seekers whether they will be allowed to re-enter again soon. It is said that you must not return for at least six months, and the person was deported as he had come back within a month. When he left the country he was not aware, including his lawyers.

Instead of questioning why a visit visa was issued in the first place, it’s better to do a double-check with the authorities if any amnesty seekers are planning to return.

Will somone informed of this put in a comment for others to understand this bit better

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