Arjun Kapoor’s brattiness in Dubai

ARJUN KAPOOR AND Shraddha Kapoor were in Dubai on Saturday to promote their forthcoming film Half Girlfriend. There were three incidents when the actor lost his cool in front of the UAE media and came across as bratty.

1) During the trailer launch of the event in Mumbai, Shraddha revealed that Arjun would often message her during the making of the movie. But Arjun lost his temper when he was asked by a guest at the Dubai event, about the message that he used to send to his co-star late at night. Arjun said, “Oh, so now we don’t have a personal life. Even if we say hi or hello to each other, we have to tell it to everyone. Why do you have an interest in our life? Who do you send a message at night to? What about afternoon? We are two individuals who are working together and we share a comfort level with each other so we can text each other whenever we want to. She did mention that in an interview that we message each other late at night but that’s to discuss the event that we attend together.”

2) He then took his wrath on another guest for talking to someone while Shraddha was giving an answer to a question. Oh dear! This is what Arjun said,”What were you guys discussing with each other? Even I want to know. We are talking here on stage, I want to know how important is your topic? It is not a good thing when you talk to someone when we are talking on stage. We are here to talk about our work and you should respect us a bit. You could have waited for a while to go across the room and talk to someone.”

3) We started our conversation with the tricky yet current hot topic of the Hindi film industry – Nepotism. They said that the talk on nepotism is not the talking point right now in the industry. Well, we expected a lot more from two privileged star kids who made their debut with some of the biggest names from Bollywood, Arjun with Yash Raj Films and Shraddha with Amitabh Bachchan in Teen Patti. We understand that they are as hard working as any other actors who are not from the film family but there is nothing wrong in accepting your privilege and appreciating the courage of those who struggle every day to fulfil their dream in Bollywood. The actors, however, did respond in detail about why they are not privileged even if it may seem so and why they face struggles and challenges just like others.
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