Artist celebrates Flag Day with dramatic UAE landscape painting


DUBAI : An Indian artist has marked Flag Day by painting a colourful and dramatic UAE landscape named Time Tells.

Akbar Saheb said the painting, which features a UAE flag towering over landmarks of the country, took him two weeks to make.

“I feel so proud when I see the UAE flag. It is so powerful and dignified. My love for the UAE flag is as strong as compared to any other [person] in the country,” said the 54-year-old, who works as an illustrator at a private company in Dubai.

“I have been living here for over 25 years – this country has given me everything. I came here as a young man in 1994 and my children have grown up here.

“I respect and love the UAE, as much as I respect and love my home country.”

Saheb has painted about 100 artworks inspired by the UAE in the past two decades.

“It is my tribute to the country. Through my paintbrush, I am trying to document the most impressive story of development and growth of the UAE,” he said.


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