Asha is Awesome

“I am Asha” will go down as the most memorable show by an Indian Legend in Dubai. The legendary singer Asha Bhonsle held the 5000+ audience spell-bound for three hours as she regaled the crowds with snippet from her life interspersed with melodies.

Anchored by the affable Farooque Shaikh, dressed in a Sherwani, the show opened to packed galleries at 8pm, an hour almost past the planned hour, but nobody was complaining. Starting from her talented father Dinanath Mangeshkar early induction to her advent in Hindi Cinema, her high-and-lows, her brushes with Kishore Kumar, and an everlasting bond with R.D.Burman, she shared personal details of her life with much candour and humility

It was an evening to remember with Rekha making her entry in the last 30 minutes of the show on the lilting lyrics of Umrao Jaan. Rekha danced a few steps from the movie and engaged Asha-tai in some laudatory language to which Asha-tai blushed. The show ended on a pulsating beat with “Dum-maro-Dum” and another equally popular number that I cannot recall at the moment.

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