Author and journalist Ajit Jain praises Indians in UAE

Dubai: Millions of Indian immigrants and expatriates living abroad are contributing enormously to their new host countries such as UAE and Canada, says a Canadian author and journalist who launched his new book The A-List in Dubai.

Ajit Jain, former managing editor of India Abroad newspaper, told a small gathering of Indian business people at a Canadian Consulate luncheon in Dubai that sweeping waves of migration have been good for progressive, tolerant and welcoming countries.

Noting there are many parallels between UAE and Canada’s hard-working people of Indian heritage, Jain said, “Indians started migrating to Canada way back. Their total number was 1,155 in 1955. They are now 1.3 million, which represents three per cent of the population and they are now crowding all sorts of professions, medical, architecture, engineering, academics, and four of them are now federal [government] ministers, 20 of them are Members of Federal Parliament; they are literally billionaires, people who came with empty pockets to Canada.”

Jains new book is a telling narrative of 52 Indo-Canadians who climbed to the highest positions of power in that country and helped guide future political and business policy.

He wanted to pen the book to showcase how many “have now succeeded in all conceivable fields and disciplines in Canada. There are countless such stories of people coming from India with literally empty pockets and how, through hard work, they have succeeded in businesses, their children have gone to post-secondary institutions, in professional institutions and are doing so well in their respective disciplines”.

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