Book a Tesla electric car in Dubai for only Dh4,000

Image Courtesy Khaleej Times

Tesla Motors launched in the UAE last week on February 14th during the World Government Summit . Tesla’s arrival in the UAE heralds the coming of vehicles that do not depend on petrol. Their cars don’t even look tacky. Case in point, the Model S which starts at Dh275,000 looks every bit amazing as it is futuristic.

But before we get ahead of ourselves and admire the cars’ beauty, you must be thinking, “It’s too expensive!” At first it does, but there are some benefits to driving a Tesla after making that big investment. You get a car that doesn’t need petrol, has self-driving features, and is one of the safest cars on the road today.

Here’s a little secret however. What if we tell you that you can book a new Tesla for just Dh4,000?

The UAE portal of Tesla’s website shows three models – two of which were launched here. Both the Model S and Model X are available in the region, but there is another car that the company is working on. That’s the Model 3.

Touted as their “most affordable car yet,” the Tesla Model 3 is a mid-range sedan that offers the same, well-loved features that its bigger brothers have. The price you ask? Only Dh128,500 ($35,000). Slightly pricier than a Nissan Maxima but cheaper than a Lexus.

While the car will only be available by mid-2018 as per the Tesla website, UAE customers can now reserve the Model 3 for only Dh4,000.


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