16% of Indians in jails because of bounced cheques

Al Aweer Jail
Bounced cheques is a major reason that lands Indians in UAE jails as per the information shared by the Indian consulate at a conference in Abu Dhabi.

Consul General Anurag Bhushan states that most Indian inmates in Al Aweer jail landed there because of dud cheques. Although Indians form the largest expatriate community in UAE numbering approximately 2.2 million with majority of them being labourers (1.4 million) there were less than 1000 complaints last year handled by the missions.

K. Kumar, convenor of the Indian Community Welfare Committee in Dubai, said of 450 Indian inmates in Al Aweer jail in Dubai, 72 were involved in dud cheque cases, 66 in murder cases, 72 in drug-related cases, and 66 in alcohol-related cases.

The missions in India will soon distribute a booklet containing Guidelines for Indians which include financial and general dos and don’ts and information on other rules and regulations governing different sectors in the UAE and welfare schemes of India.

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