Camel Racing – a fascinating sport


If you have been in UAE for some years and haven’t yet been to a  Camel race then its about time you did.

Camel racing is a sport of national pride for Emiratis and rearing camels for racing is a traditional passion similar to falconeering.

Camels are steered by a robot jockey astride the camel’s back and remotely controlled by the owners running on a parallel track. (Dubai banned child jockeys in 2002). The sport is as exciting and thrilling as a horse race and is a novel spectacle to watch not just the camels but also the enthusiastic Emirati spectators and the scores of 4x4s running parallel to the race track.

The Camel Racing seasons starts this November organized by the Dubai Camel Racing Club under the aegis of the Al Marmoom Heritage Festival.

Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th October 2014

Location: Al Marmoum Camel Racetrack, Dubai Al-Ain Road (Google Map Link)
Co-ordinates: 24°58’47.7″N 55°28’29.8″E / Dubai Camel Racing Club

04 832 6526

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