Care for your city

It’s beautiful beach weather and there are many families at the beaches every weekend. But many people take our clean beaches and parks for granted and don’t think twice before tossing a paper cup or chips cover to the ground. beach-litter

Every person has a responsibility to their city and the environment.

Please be mindful of the harm you are causing the environment and take measures to make a change.

  • Dispose of tissues and other waste responsibly.
  • Set an example for your children and the people around you.
  • Respect the city in which you live and the people who need to pick up after you.

If you think of Dubai as your home be kind enough to love it like your own. If you are just passing by, behave as a guest in another person’s home.

-As written by Teena Mathew, a Grade 7 pupil of the JSS International School