Chennai Express – you can afford to miss the train 2.5/5

chennaiexpressSRK and Rohit Shetty team up for this supposedly Southern flavoured Hindi flick that seems to have gone off the track for most part of the journey. A thin story line replete with repeated situations, forced comedy and out-of-context dialogues make even SRK fans wonder where the film is headed. SRK is definitely getting old and admits he is 40 upfront in the film, and even Deepika Padukone – Meenamma- teases him to be 50+. Deepika tries her best but just couldnt convince us with her southern-tongued Hindi.

A halwai (sweet maker) boy brought up by grandparents in Mumbai, wants to follow his destiny after the death of his 99 year old grandfather. Strangely enough the destiny is supposed to start in Goa chasing girls. Tasked with immersing the ashes of his grandfather in Rameshwaram, heads off to Goa instead, but takes a train heading south to fool his grandmother who comes to see him off at the station. His plans to get off the next station go awry when he helps a damsel to catch a running train and unwittingly 4 other who are chasing her.

Khan’s character is hard to fathom. It moves from a day-dreamer to a moron to a coward and suddenly to a romantic and courageous hero. Deepika’s role is consistent and tasked with creating the lighter moments in the movie. The movie is replete with urban humour that looks so out of character with the souther rural backdrop. ‘Do not underestimate the power of the common man’ is an other out-of-context dialogue that seems to be alluding to the eventual fate of the movie that is perhaps done with SRK.

Rohit Shetty true to his character fills in a few car stunts, awesome fights and breathtaking (photoshop) locales. The sing-a-song method communicating in Hindi between the two is amusing till the villain also resorts to it. The scene where a midget is shown understanding only grunts and other bizarre sounds is very demeaning to dwarfs and fails to score the point that speech is not the only medium of communication. The movie fails to entertain, unless you count the Lungi dance which plays as the credits roll.

The movie may appeal to die-hard SRK fans and perhaps the tribute to Rajnikanth win a few fans, but overall you just wish that the Chennai Express had never left the platform in Mumbai.

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