Cheque bouncing will not land you in jail anymore.

Bounced-ChequeBusinessmen and individuals who make payment by cheques have to honour the cheques they write or face the prospect of going to jail. The financial depression, starting 2009, has led to many cases of cheque bouncing and subsequent jailing of many prominent businessmen including Emiratis.

Recently the UAE government as an act of benevolence pardoned Emiratis for this offence and have now, in all fairness, have extended this to expatriates as well.

The United Arab Emirates will stop imprisoning expatriates for writing cheques that bounce, Abu Dhabi daily The National reported, citing a senior official.

“In line with the directives of Sheikh Khalifa … and in the spirit of fairness and equality, the courts have stopped as of last month accepting collateral cheques presented as a criminal tool against expatriate debt defaulters,” Ali Khalfan Al Dhaheri, head of the legal affairs department at the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, told The National’s Arabic-language sister paper Al Ittihad.

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