Clean up Karama drive launch by Dubai Muncipality

Dubai Muncipality has launched a 10-day awareness campaign in Karama to ‘clean-up’ the city. The campaign aims to educate shoppers and residents against spitting paan, littering and hanging laundry from balconies, all of which are a common site in the area.

clean karama2

Karama is known to be a popular spot for tourists on the lookout for bargains and pocket-friendly stores and eateries. Therefore, keeping Karama clean is in the best interest of the municipality and residents too.


A similar campaign was once before enforced in the Al Fahidi area, which like Karama, also has the highest population of Indian residents.

As part of the ‘Say Yes to a Clean Karama’ drive, fliers have been posted in various shops and grocery stores n English, Arabic, Urdu and Malayalam to target various communities. Indian residents, particularly men, will be under prime inspection for chewing and spitting paan and littering the streets and parking areas.


Warnings and fines will be sent to houses or people who continue to ignore the notices. Inspectors from the waste management department will be on the lookout for violators and ensure the surroundings are kept clear, that includes the removal of garbage bins, chairs and mannequins from outside shops.


Paan spitters will be immediately fined Dh 1000 and litter bugs can expect fines of Dh100-50,000. Laundry hangers will receive written warnings followed by fines ranging from Dh500-1500, depending on the balcony size.


Residents, be warned.