Clear your bills before leaving UAE

ar-161219168-jpgmaxw780imageversion16by9ncs_modified20161219083108I left the UAE early in 2015, after settling all the loans and credit cards. Unfortunately, I had a 12-month agreement with Du. I paid all my Du bills until I was in the UAE. I checked my e-mails now and saw that the company has launched legal proceedings against me for an unpaid amount of Dh3,000. I am expecting a job offer from a company in Dubai and I am wondering whether the unpaid bill would have any impact on my visa process? I am ready to pay the amount, but I’m not sure whether legal proceedings mean that the police have been notified. Do you know what is the minimum monetary value on which the police is involved? More importantly, will it still affect my visa processing if I pay the amount before the visa application?

Pursuant to your questions, you should have cancelled the agreement with Du and should have paid all amounts due to them before leaving the UAE. Du telecom may have levied some early repayment charges for terminating the agreement prior to the end of its tenure. We advise you to settle your outstanding amount of Dh3,000 and get a ‘No Due Letter’ before asking the company to withdraw the criminal complaint against you (assuming you issued a cheque to Du telecom). There is no minimum threshold of monetary value based on which the police (criminal) complaint can be filed. Issuance of new employment visa should not be hindered.


Pay the outstanding amount to the telecom company and get a ‘No Due Letter’ before asking the company to withdraw the criminal complaint.

Forced to work for two firms

I’ve been working with a company since March 2016. The company is sharing the office with a contracting company, and since they are sharing the Dewa charges and office rent, they decided to share my assistance/work, which means I have to work for two companies as a receptionist/secretary and accountant. It was done without consulting me. When I raised this concern to the boss who provided me with the visa, he threatened me with cancellation. I would like to know whether the company’s act is legal and if I file a complaint with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, what evidence do I need and what is my chance to win the case. Also let me know will there be a ban if they cancel my visa. (I’m on a limited contract and visa expiration is on 13.04.2018).

I don’t think I can manage two companies’ works at the same time.

It is presumed that both the entities mentioned in the question have one or more common shareholder(s) and both entities have obtained the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities to operate from the same office premises.

Should you wish not to undertake work for both entities, you may choose to resign from your employment and file a complaint with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, informing them that your employer is making you do work for two entities at the same time and working for two entities is not stipulated in your employment contract.

There should be no employment ban on you as you have completed six months of continuous employment with the current employer.



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