Conmen operating in Meena Bazaar

meena-bazaar-bur-dubaiBeware of conmen operating in Meena Bazar targeting gullible tourists and residents alike. A smartly dressed guy approaches you and makes a remark about either your pot-belly or your spectacles and engages you in a conversation. The person says that he had the same problem and now its corrected thanks to a wonder cure. The person will then take you a small shop in the alleys of Meena Bazaar and then coerce you into parting money for what will turn out to be some rubbish powder.

Be cautious of perfect strangers striking up a conversation. Yes we do have street vendors in Meena Bazaar hawking original-duplicate watches and bags, but the ‘wonder cure’ conmen are prowling around too. If possible take a picture of these people and upload it on the police site Al Ameen

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