Daughter hoodwinks mother, tries to elope with 20kg gold

gold-jewellery_0A mother rushed to the police station claiming that her 20 year old daughter, she left waiting in a Taxi outside Sharjah Airport Free Zone, had been kidnapped along with 20 kg of gold jewellery.

The mother, an Indian, wanted to declare her gold jewellery to Sharjah Customs that she planned to return to India with. She took her daughter with her and left her in the taxi with the gold ornament while she went inside to finalize her customs documents to travel with the gold to India. But there was more than meets the eye, in this case the heart.

The Indian girl actually had plans to run away with her Pakistani lover and settle abroad after he had made arrangements to take the gold out of the country or sell it. She was nabbed at the airport and her boyfriend later in the city.

Kudos to the Sharjah CID and police for solving the case within hours before the couple had fled with the hard earned savings of her mother.

Was it real love, or was the lover only after her money? Would he have followed her after having dropped her to the airport, or would this be another con story. Fortunately it didn’t get that far and both the culprits are now in jail. And this gives rise to the next question. Will the mother bail out her daughter?

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