Defensive Driving Saves Lives – Namely yours

Even with the great difficulty that we obtain a driving license and follow all safety rules, we end up in a mishap not of our own doing. Defensive driving helps save lives by anticipating dangers lurking around in the form of other unsafe drivers.

The tragic deaths of fellow Indians these last few days must once again act as an eye-opener for all of us to take corrective action. Here are few things that you can do to prevent accidents.

  • As a passenger insist that your taxi or bus is driven at safe speeds. Dissuade and report erring drivers to their companies.
  • Watch out for unsafe drivers and stay clear of their path
  • Do not tail-gate in a fit of anger when a rash driver crosses you
  • Take amber lights seriously, its not the indication to speed across the junction
  • Watch not just the car ahead, but also the a few car ahead to stay prepared
  • And as a pedestrain try not to cross the road half-way and wait to tempt the driver
  • Stand in position so that you can quickly react to get out of the way
  • Dont talk on the phone while crossing roads
  • If you have more tips, please share it as comments.

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