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    This is an original article that is of interest to Indians in Dubai. The topics can be varied except (sex, politics, religion and drugs). The articles are not more than 500 words and usually accompanied with a commons creative (free of license) image.

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    The posts in this section relate to the glamour, glitz and gossip associated with the Dubai society at all economic levels. These include parties, celebrations, product launches, exhibitions and other events that we as Indians find interesting to read about even if we have not been able to participate. The section is targeted for vicarious living. The post accepts a 300 word write-up and multiple images.


    This section is devoted to the profiles and news relating to the people who have made a mark for themselves and contributed to the Indian community in Dubai. You can post an article under this section which will be verified and posted. Our editors may also rewrite or run another post based on your post. You will receive recognition for your post but the post will not be in your name, unless it is found to be complete.

    Largely the content on Desi Diary is managed by the volunteer writers and editors.

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