NRIs not allowed to carry INR to India

indian_currencyThe Indian Embassy in the UAE has warned Indian expatriates not to carry Indian currency while travelling to India.

As per Indian rules and regulations, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) are not allowed to carry Indian currency to India, a report in Gulf News quoted Indian Ambassador M.K. Lokesh.

This is because NRIs are not allowed to convert Indian currency into foreign currency in India and therefore the rule prohibits NRIs for carrying Indian currency to India.

Indians other than NRIs are allowed to carry back upto INR 7500 as prescribed in the baggage rules, but this does not apply to NRIs.

According to the report Indian authorities have started enforcing this rule due to large sum of fake Indian currency making their way into India.

M.K. Lokesh said some NRIs carrying huge amounts of Indian currency to India faced problems at airports recently.

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