Don’t answer your phone when someone asks this question

Scamming has certainly gone hi-tech with a new phone scam that swindles money from its targets.

According to Daily Mail, a major phone scam involving phone calls from an unknown number has been spreading across the US. The scam tricks users into saying ‘yes’ before editing the answer to steal money. Experts warn that the scam could spread across the globe.

The scam goes as such: first, the potential victim receives a call from a local number. The voice at the other end properly ‘introduces’ themselves and the firm they are supposed to be working for. After this bit of small talk, they will then ask “Can you hear me?” despite knowing that the line is clear.

If you do answer “Yes”, the person in the other end of the line records your response. They then edit it to make it sound as if you’ve signed a verbal contract. This edited version of your response is then used by the attacker to steal huge amounts of money from you.

You can, and will find out about it however but efforts to undo do it are in vain. Scammers can simply play back the recording of you saying yes and take legal action.

Another version of the hoax involves the victim’s voice being used to authorise stolen credit cards.

No case of such nature has been reported in the UAE. But residents are cautioned to avoid providing any sensitive information to unidentified callers.

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