Drink Starbucks coffee in UAE? Here’s what you must know

Many of us need coffee to wake up and get our day started – Fact. In a fast-paced, growing society such as Dubai, coffee is becoming an essential morning routine. Look at the many cafes dotting the cityscape. From unique homegrown brands to ubiquitous, international offerings, it’s no secret that many of Dubai’s residents are crazy about coffee.

And the recent report by ValuePenguin will give them a reason to rejoice. They will be happy to know that their lattes come cheaper than in many other cities.

According to a report by ValuePenguin, the most expensive tall latte can be bought in Russia for $12.32 (Dh45.25) while in the United States, the same coffee can be bought for as low as $2 (Dh7).

A tall latte in any UAE Starbucks store costs Dh15 (roughly $4). So, it won’t make a big dent in your wallet.

Russia is followed by Indonesia, Vietnam Thailand and India as countries where a tall latte costs quite high. Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand charge about $8 (Dh30) for a cup of coffee, while India charges $7.99 (Dh29).

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