Dubai D5 number plate owner buys Dh4.5m mobile number


Dubai-based businessman Balwinder Sahni, who made headlines last year for buying the famous D5 Dubai number plate for Dh33 million, has just forked out more than Dh4.5 million for an exclusive Du mobile number.

But just two hours after buying the number, he told Khaleej Times there is no way he can use it for personal use.

“I can never use this number. I got it in my hands at 8.30pm today and till now, within just 2 hours, I’ve received 1,000 calls.”

Last year Sahni came under some fire online after several people took to social media and questioned why he would pay so much for a number plate, but with all the money going to charity from this latest auction, he said he will continue to give back to Dubai and it’s community however he can.

“The Vice President Du, Mr Ahmed Aburahima called me and told me that all the money collected from this Auction will be going to charity as this is a semi-government company.”

Asked whether he had a maximum limit on what he’d pay for the number, Sahni said no.

“I went with the aim to buy this number. I only wanted this number so it’s the only one I bought. I never have limits when I want something, especially when it is for charity.”

Balwinder Sahani forked out Dh4,520,000 to buy the du number 058-8888888 during an auction held on Saturday at Grand Hyatt Dubai Convention Centre.

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