Dubai installs new cameras to trap queue jumpers

Image Courtesy Khaleej Times

Motorists who cut lanes in front of other drivers will be spotted by Dubai Police’s new traffic cameras.

According to the official Facebook page pf Dubai Police, Major-General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Assistant to the Dubai Police Chief for Operations Affairs, stated that the new radars are located in key areas. These key areas are defined to be intersections, exits and turns where lane cutting is prevalent.

The new cameras are powerful enough to catch a potential lane-cutting driver from over 1,000 metres. It can also analyse a vehicle’s movement to smartly detect queue jumping before it even happens.

Like the other road cameras installed in major Dubai roads, it will take a photo of the offender and send a violation report to authorities. The fine will then be given to the offender after verification.

Dubai Police also said that upon installation on Rebat Street, the new camera has already caught 3,000 offences in a single week.

The fine for those caught cutting lanes will be Dh200 and two black points.



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