Dubai Metro and Tram record zero crime rate

167947618Dubai: Dubai’s ever-expanding transport network, including the metro, tram, buses and ferries, recorded a zero crime rate over the last eight years, Dubai Police revealed on Sunday.

According to a senior Dubai Police official, a special police force dedicated for the security of all transport systems in Dubai, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), has managed to keep crime out of the city’s sprawling mass transit network, particularly Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram.

The TSA was established with the launch of Dubai Metro on 9/9/9 and since then it has been responsible for the security of all transport modes in Dubai.

The dedicated force is responsible for the safety and security of all commuters as well as the transport infrastructure, and monitors the daily flow of passengers in and out of trains, trams, buses and stations.

Around 16 per cent of Dubai residents use public transport, with daily ridership on Dubai Metro alone exceeding 500,000 commuters.



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