Dubai Municipality clarifies on withdrawal of Sadia chicken

In response to a report circulating regarding the withdrawal of Sadia chicken by the Union Cooperative Society, Dubai Municipality has clarified that it is only an internal procedure of Union Coop and has nothing to do with health requirements.

Iman Al Bastaki, Director of Food Safety Department at Dubai Municipality, pointed out that there is no official decision to withdraw the product, and the regulatory bodies have no relation to the subject. She also confirmed that the products are subject to periodic monitoring by Dubai Municipality and other regulatory bodies and actions are taken if necessary.

Al Bastaki noted that the municipality does not spare any effort in maintaining public health and protect the public from any risks. “For this, we have devoted a large force of observers and inspectors in all areas concerning the protection of public health and food,” she said.

Al Bastaki confirmed that there are clear directives from the Director General of the Municipality on this area so as not to show any complacency at all in protecting people, and to emphasize on the application of all local orders and health regulations as well as the Gulf and international rules to protect public health.

The official clarification comes within the “Confirmed News” initiative launched by Dubai Municipality, which aims to reduce the circulation of rumours that are spread through the means of social media and to correct false news and malicious rumours and address them quickly.



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