Dubai Police introduces reward system to encourage responsible driving

white star

We have always been told what not to do on the roads of Dubai and the black point system has helped keep road behaviour in check. But as the Dubai Police have come to see, without consistent campaigning initiatives are bound to loose their ‘drive.’

A white point system will now be introduced to encourage safe driving around the city. The initiative gives 10 worthy drivers the opportunity to win cars and other prizes.

The system, which has been introduced by Dubai Police Chief, Lieutenant General Dahi Khafan Tamim, is aimed at achieving accident-free, cooperative driving.

How it works:

  • Motorists should have a clean driving record, free of fines including Salik fines or fines from other Emirates
  • White points can be redeemed to cancel fines (Other redemption options to be announced later)
  • Only motorists with Dubai-issued licenses are eligible for the annual draw
  • Motorists can receive up to 12 white points in a year, one point per month.
  • A point is deducted if the person is involved in any accident or traffic violation during the month.
  • White points are valid for a year at a time. Motorists with full white points for five consecutive years are eligible to enter a raffle draw to win a vehicle.
  • The first draw will be held on February 2013. Winners will be announced by Dubai Police.