Dubai sparkles in Diwali lights


Lamps, fire-crackers, lots of noise, music and family get-togethers best define Diwali celebrations in India.

For those who have Dubai as the second home or the only home, Diwali brings back the memories and give some nostalgic days. Most of the apartments and villas in Bur Dubai, Karama and Meena Bazaar areas of Dubai are dazzling with colourful lanterns, lights, candles and diyas now. Homes are decorated with fresh marigold flowers, mesmerising rangoli art work (vermilion powder) and traditional wall hangings.

We went to some Indian families in Dubai to get the real ‘Diwali’ feel and experience.

40 years of Diwali in Dubai

Three generations come together to light the lamps of happiness, positivity and prosperity at the Rajwani family.

Narayan Rajwani and Deepa Rajwani have some fond memories of their first Diwali in Dubai, 40 years ago. The couple was newly married then and was extremely excited to celebrate the festival on the foreign land.

“It used to be a simple and sweet celebration at home with my husband and kids. We used to clean the house in advance, decorate it with beautiful things and relatives would come over for dinner. Honestly, I missed India a lot during Diwali in the first few years but then got used to it. And now, I hardly feel away from home. Dubai is my only home now, everyone is here,” said Deepa Rajwani.

There is a tradition of making special biryani with seven vegetables in the family on Diwali and also giving ‘kharchi’ (cash) as a gift to the young members of the family. They also buy new household things during the festive season as it is considered auspicious.


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