, the Community Portal for Everything Indian in Dubai.

logo_part, the Community Portal for Everything Indian in Dubai.

We are pleased to announce the  launch of an information portal for the Indian Community –

Dubai Desi is a community driven portal for Indians residing in Dubai where Everything Indian in Dubai is just a click away.

Dubai Desi is a site for all Desis – the Hindi term for Indians –  to find stuff connected to Indians residing in Dubai. Be it news, views, happenings, movies, events, Dubai Desi is the most complete and updated source of focused, accurate and authentic information.  Dubai Desi aims to be a central point for sharing useful information with fellow Indians.  Dubai Desi will strictly focus on content related to ‘Indians’ and will grow with the feedback and suggestions from its members.

The site has a News, Reviews, Events, Infobank, Tips and Q&A sections. A special section is the Desi Diary which Is a collection of posts touching the different aspects of desi life in Dubai. The Infobank is  a comprehensive databank providing details of Indian restaurants, stores, educational institutes, healthcare and other establishments of interest to Indians.   The Q&A is a self-help sections where members answer questions raised by other members.

Dubai Desi is powered by its members who contribute  to the various sections of the site. Panel members  write articles for the site, and also act as editors to scan each posts, submitted by other members, before publication to enforce the policies of this site.

The site is open to public at large but readers are required to sign up before submitting a post or commenting on published posts. Membership is free and subject to adherence to the site terms and content guidelines.

The site is designed and developed by emQube LLC, a Software and Website company based in Dubai.  This is a public service initiative by emQube which also manages many sites of Indian companies such as Nikai and Intex.  The website of the Indian Consulate in Dubai is also managed by us..


Contact Person:  Mohammed Sutarwala

Emqube LLC, PO Box 111248, Dubai, UAE.

Tel: 04 3593570  Email:


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