Dubai’s Manlift kickstarts projects in India


The Dubai-based Manlift Group has gone from strength to strength in the Gulf on the back of the prolific projects over the last decade in the region across industrial and commercial sectors and the subsequent contracts for facilities management and maintenance companies.

Equally, however, as the Netherlands-owned company has matured, it has become time for it to look to markets further afield to continue the organic growth and development of its business, and the targets that have emerged are the adjacent Indian subcontinent and Central Asia.

Manlift has been present in India for a number of years, and cultivating sufficient industry esteem to secure the “Group Leadership Award” from the Institute of Economic Studies (IES), a non-profit, research-oriented organisation that works to promote industry awareness.

David King, group director for Manlift Middle East, Asia & Africa, notes: “India is a big one for us: a lot of my focus is on India, and it’s looking really good. The whole industry is in its infancy. We’re market leader, but we’ve only got 600-700 machines over there, but I think it could go to 20,000.”

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