Eida regulations for ID card photo

The Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) confirmed that the use of coloured eye-lenses in the personal photo of the ID card is not allowed and leads to cancellation of the transaction.

Therefore, applying for the ID card conditions a personal picture with the eyes in their natural colour, fully open and without any reflections, the EIDA said.

Concerning the dress in the personal photo of the resident identity card, the authority said that it should be according to the passport’s photo.

For Gulf citizens, the dress in the photo should be according to the national dress of the applicant’s country or the photo in his/her passport, the authority added.

It also noted that the regulations and conditions of the personal photos for those who are under 15, state that the background must be white with full shoulders and fully open eyes without any light reflection.

The face should be facing the camera without any deviation towards the shoulders.

The photo also should be without frames with a size of 35-40mm.

For those who are over 15, the photo should be in the real natural colours of the skin, hair and eyes.

No eye lenses allowed, fully open, with no reflections of light.

The facial expression should be natural.

The image should show the sides of the face clearly, full face and shoulders straight to the camera, as looking to the shoulder will lead the photo to be rejected.

Also no change in the pictures are accepted, for example removing spots or loosening lines or computer adjusting.

The eyes area and eyebrow shouldn’t be covered with Ghutra for men or by hair or for women or sunglasses.

For medical glasses, they must be in the correct position and not hide facial features.

The image should be clear, sharp and focused.

It should be taken in natural light so that no shadows or light reflections appear on the face and head, the Eida said.



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