Emergency landing of Spicejet flight from Dubai to India


A Spicejet flight from Dubai to Ahmedabad was forced into an unscheduled landing at Al Maktoum Airport after one of its tyres burst on departure.

Spicejet Boeing 737-800, with 179 passengers and 6 crew on board, departed Dubai International when the pilots received information that the one of the aircraft’s tyres was damaged, according to a report on Aviation Herald.

The aircraft entered a holding pattern for an hour before diverting to Al Maktoum where it performed two low approaches to have its gear inspected. The aircraft landed safely at the airport, just over two hours after departure.

“It was not an emergency situation,” told local media. “It was just one tyre that had burst. The other tyres were intact. The flight landed at DWC after a few hours, which was used to burn the fuel.”

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