Emirati Poet wins Tagore Peace Prize

ShehabDr. Shihab Ghanem was awarded the Tagore Peace Prize by the Asiatic Society. Ghanem was chosen due to the promotion of the human values of love and peace via his poetic works. Ghanem has been translating Indian poetry to Arabic.

The peace prize is named after Rabindranath Tagore. Ghanem is the first-ever Arab to receive the prestigious award.

In an editorial slugged as ” Tagore Peace Prize for Ganem an apt recognition”, the UAE daily commented today on the Indian selection of the UAE poet Dr. Shehab Gahem for Tagore Peace Prize, saying: “There have always been close bonds between the UAE and India. Those ties stretch over commercial and trading links, historical and cultural ties. Arab culture and language share elements with Indian traditions as old as time itself.

“In that light, the awarding of the prestigious Tagore Peace Prize to one of the UAE’s most distinguished poets comes as a rare honour indeed considering that the award is only granted every two years. Dr Shehab Ganem has laboured lovingly in solitude, translating and writing poetry, exploring the common values that transcend individual societies, focusing on the true human values of humanity, peace and love.

“Single handedly, he has forged stronger ties between the two nations. And he is the first Arab to be so honoured, in recognition of his years in the field. His ten works translated into English and his works in foreign poetry have shown contemporary Arab culture in a new light.

“At this time of reflection, as the year draws to a close, it is worth remembering that for all that divides us, we are united by common human values. Dr Ganem is a reminder.” WAM/Latheef

(Photo courtesy of shihabghanem.com)