Exclusive Web portal for media industry launched


In what is foreseen by its initiators as the “future Google of the media industry,” OMNESmedia.com, a specialised platform that provides innovative digital solutions covering all media sectors across the globe, has been launched in the UAE by BASMA Media.

The socio-informative Web portal will empower all parties concerned with the media industry, including advertisers, PR professionals and others to connect, measure and reach their objectives through one single platform that caters to all kinds of media, marketing and advertorial requirements.

The launch ceremony, held at Madinet Jumeirah, Dubai, on Monday in the presence of Sheikh Sultan Bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of BASMA Media, was also attended by top national and international media executives, decision-makers, content creators, PR & communication experts and professionals, besides journalists from the UAE and different parts of the Arab world.

In his inaugural address, Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi said: “OMNESmedia.com is the maiden step in our ambitious quest for excellence that started since the establishment of BASMA Media. The launch of the portal represents a significant milestone that will create an optimal environment for communication, bringing together all segments of the media industry under one platform.”

He added: “After diligent work and tireless efforts to turn a big dream into reality, an in-depth study conducted through specialised expertise of the Arab and global media industry has fructified into the development of first-of-their-kind digital solutions. These solutions will be represented in a unique platform conducive to identifying the requirements of this vital sector through cutting-edge digitisation technologies.”

Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi termed the new website a “groundbreaking development that will revolutionise traditional approaches and meet the changing paradigms of media landscape in the digital age.”

In exclusive comments to The Gulf Today, Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi also stated: “We are initially concentrating on the GCC countries but are planning to expand fast globally. We are in talks with a lot of countries in this regard.”

BASMA Media CEO Nasser Al Sarami underlined the paramount importance of the new portal in creating a common ground for collaborative interaction between different media organs that fulfils the respective business requirements of all media sectors.

He added that the website provides its members with the possibility of developing a “favourites” list for their regular contacts as well as the option to send invitations for others to join the website and get in contact with industry peers and colleagues. This list will streamline liaising, improve communications and strengthen interrelations between media professionals.

“OMNESmedia.Com” features multiple digital services, including sections dedicated to media news, activities and events to streamline organisational and marketing efforts, as well as a dedicated section to media and marketing transactions, contracts and business deals that will be of great use to the companies operating in this vital sector.

The portal’s members will be able to upload their resumes, including their achievements, business profiles and photos, to seek career advice from media professionals provided by the site.

Employers will also be able to upload and post their available vacancies on the site and seek potential candidates.

Moreover, the platform will provide access to profiles and business data of a large number of media organisations, including advertising and marketing agencies as well as personal biographies of key media figures.



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