Face to Face : Sanjay Verma

sanjayvermacgiDubai Desi hopes to carry interviews with prominent personalities in Dubai so as to bring them closer to Desis here. As our first interview we got the privilege to speak to His Excellency Mr. Sanjay Verma, the Indian Consul General in Dubai. Mr Verma spend some time with DD to answer a few questions.

DD: When you were assigned Dubai what were you aspirations and apprehensions, and when you reflect back, what do you feel about them?

SV : Though the responsibility was awesome, given our enormous stakes, there were no major apprehensions. Just some nervous energy, which is good before any important assignment.

DD:What would you count as your biggest contribution to the Dubai mission during your tenure?

SV :My contribution would be for others to judge.

DD: Where were you earlier missions and what is so different about desis in Dubai as compared to other missions.

SV :There are more Indian nationals in the Northern Emirates than any other diplomatic station I have served in. The Indian community here is well-knit and has always shared a good relationship with the Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Consulate in Dubai. I feel fortunate and privileged to be part of such a positive community.

DD: Tell us one single thing about Dubai Desis that has endeared them to you? And one thing that you feel needs a drastic change?

SV :For such a large and representative community, the unity demonstrated on national issues is praiseworthy. When required our community is also very giving and generous, both with their time and resources. There is nothing disagreeable about our community. My wish is that the next generation carries forward this community spirit.

DD: You have a very hectic schedule at work, and outside office. You are expected to appear at almost every important ceremony in Dubai, so when do you find the time to pursue your other interests?

SV :Time has to be squeezed out for leisure and things have to be prioritized to meet personal commitments.

DD: You are a Bollywood fan, so if you had to make a movie set in Dubai, what would be the plot and who would you cast in it.

SV :It would be a masala film, full of glitz and international intrigue. Iconic images like the Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab, the fountain, Bastakia, Malls, the sea and desert will ensure that the film would be picturesque too.

DD: Thank you Mr. Verma for your answers, some of them quite diplomatic keeping in line with your vocation.

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