Fans thrilled with their Bollywood Parks experience


Hindi movie lovers in the UAE stepped out in large numbers to meet their favourite stars. Not in reality, of course, but to get a real cinematic experience at the world’s first Bollywood Parks & Resorts. The evening began with a loud musical dance performance on peppy tracks like Kaala Chashma, Rock On and other old Bollywood numbers.

Alemnji Taku, a native of Cameroon, has never been to Mumbai, but is a die hard fan of Shah Rukh Khan. His eyes were sparkling with the thrill and excitement for the sparkling night. “I have seen all the movies of Shah Rukh Khan; I adore him and this place is truly a heaven for me. Bollywood is irresistible. I have never been to Mumbai or India, but would definitely love to meet my favourite star in person someday.”

The perfectly designed theme park on 1.7 million square feet gives an authentic feel and flavour of Mumbai, with classic cutouts of the stars, replicas of Hindi film sets, fun rides, old theatres and stunt shows.

Vimal Anthony visited with his mother and aunts to show them the old movie stalls and experience the magic of Bollywood in Dubai. His mother joyfully said: “I am delighted to be here tonight; we have just arrived here, but have already started liking the place. I feel I am back in India and watching a masala (entertaining) movie. The place is extremely beautiful and I must say, the parking area is very good”.



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